I hate waiting.  Today has been a more than typical pre race day and I hate waiting to race.

We got up to this view which is incredible. It’s also very quiet mentally having to walk down to a central area for a wifi signal or any form of outside communication.  This is all good but it’s also very hard to absorb all this tranquility knowing that tomorrow you are going to be full gas physically and mentally for the next six days.

But I guess that’s the balance-Tranquility now and race face tomorrow.

I’ve been doing my best with all sorts of preparation activities. I  readied my bike, put my feet up in the air to read a book, prepared my camelbak and nutrition, took a some small kayak rides around the lake and even watched a little playoff football.  This may all seem nice but it’s really a distraction.

Tomorrow as I wake it will be much the same, waiting till a 10am race start trying to balance my anxiety to toe the line with some relaxation.

It’s a big day tomorrow at 82km, 2300m climbing, and a river crossing.  It’s supposed to be in the mid 50s for temperature and raining all day.  We will be racing tomorrow to here.

I can’t wait.


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One Response to Tranquilo

  1. Jim Gibson says:

    A really awesome day of racing near the border with Argentina! You will learn to respect blackberry thorns tearing your flesh! Have a great day, Jason! Pisco sour awaits you back at Huilo Huilo.

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